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Parenting a toddler is not easy. Having the right support can make it easier.

Even the best parents have hard days. Days when you're exhausted and out of things to try when your toddler won't listen. Thriving Toddler is here with effective, science-based strategies to make everything from behavioral challenges to bedtime routines less of a struggle.

Hi, I'm Michelle.

I'm a licensed therapist, board-certified behavior analyst and the creator of Thriving Toddler.

I'm also a mom of two. When I say that parenting is hard, it's because I know first-hand just how challenging it can be. I also know that it's possible to become a happier, more confident and more positive parent. That's why I created Thriving Toddler.

My mission is to give parents evidence-based parenting tools that work, supporting a strong, healthy relationship between kids and parents.

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Michelle's Toilet Training Diaries 

A play-by-play in her decision-making process as she toilet trains her son. Because a strong foundation set both of you up for success. 

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As Seen On

"It is insane how quickly it worked. I saw an immediate change. We had all turned a corner. Understanding what my child's behavior was communicating was helping tremendously. The spanking, yelling, time-outs were done. My overall mental state had improved and things were back to normal."

Kim C.
Los Angeles, CA

"Michelle's course provided a solid background and understanding into my toddler's developing brain and WHY my toddler might be engaging in certain behavior. Then, her course helped me pinpoint and develop the skills to quickly analyze each unique situation (on the fly!) so that I can best respond and react quickly & confidently in the moment. Her program gave me the skills to understand and even anticipate potential toddler meltdowns and triggers, and how to best navigate (or even avoid all together). It's a great big-picture program with real-life examples that felt attainable and gave me the encouragement and confident too handle frustrating meltdowns."

Katie R.
Austin, Texas

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My best parenting tip? Getting on the same page as your partner. Watch the video below and download my free guide to help.


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