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Your free video guide to scientifically supported strategies to minimize tantrums fast - and feel good in the process. Create a calmer, more peaceful home and build the confidence you need to tackle any toddler behavior.

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I know you want the absolute best for your child...

I know you're here because you're a cycle breaker, and you want the tools to stay calm and parent in an intentional way. You want to help your child find calm, too. And you want to get on the same page as your parenting partner.

Here's some good news...

Taming tantrums is totally possible. We've just been going about it the wrong way.

Because while parents and even parenting "experts" spend countless hours on strategies to change a child's behavior during tantrums...

The secret to taming tantrums is less about changing your child, and more about changing yourself.

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"I learned so much in 45 minutes! Michelle clearly has expect, extensive knowledge when it comes to parenting and behavior management. My oldest child has had approximately one tantrum his whole life, so I felt completely unprepared for the yelling, screaming and melting down that my middle daughter started experiencing around her 3rd birthday. I'd tried so many tips and tricks shared online by parenting 'experts,' but none of them really seemed to work or even felt realistic to try in the moment during a tantrum. After the Taming Tantrums Masterclass, I feel like I finally have a better understanding of what is causing my daughter's tantrums and how to handle them. Most importantly, I realized just how much of an impact the way I react to her tantrums impacts the behavior itself. I feel so much more confident in my ability to handle whatever my toddlers throw at me next."

Danielle G.
Manchester, NH

 I'm Michelle.

I'm a licensed therapist, board-certified behavior analyst and the creator of Thriving Toddler.

I'm also a mom of two. When I say that parenting is hard, it's because I know first-hand just how challenging it can be. I also know that it's possible to become a happier, more confident and more positive parent. That's why I created Thriving Toddler.

My mission is to give parents evidence-based parenting tools that work, supporting a strong, healthy relationship between kids and parents.

In my FREE, 45-minute tantrum-taming Masterclass, I aim to give you the tools you need to keep your cool and create more calm.

In the Taming Tantrums Masterclass, you'll learn...

Tantrums are no fun for anyone, but they are developmentally normal. We'll explore why tantrums are part of normal toddler behavior and how this information impacts how we approach them.

The best way to change tantrums is by changing the way we respond to them as parents. Tantrums can be really triggering for a lot of parents, but we'll explore ways to shift your emotional response.

Toddlers do not yet have the emotional regulation skills they need to tame tantrums on their own. In the masterclass, we will discuss ways to model emotional regulation during a tantrum.

Tantrums are not merely "bad" behavior - they are your toddler's way of communicating an unmet need. We'll approach tantrums with the eye of a detective, so you can start to better understand your child's needs.

There's no point in reasoning with a tantruming toddler, but we can use the time after a tantrum to repair and teach. In the masterclass, we'll discuss simple ways to turn tantrums into teachable moments.

Tantrums are normal, but some toddler behavior can be signs of a deeper challenge. We'll discuss some red flags to watch out for and what to do if you notice these in your child.

Free Toddler Tantrum Masterclass

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