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Toddlerhood: A Declaration of Independence

A Thirty-Minute Video Course For The Big Behaviors


Because There Is No One-Size-Fits-All Formula for Parenting


What if you no longer second-guessed yourself when tackling your toddler's behaviors?

Is Your Toddler Hitting Their Newborn Sibling?

Is Your Toddler Biting Family Members Or Their Peers?

Is Your Toddler Not Listening To Your Instructions?

Is Your Toddler Fighting You At Bedtime?

Imagine The Following:

Your toddler's preschool teachers are reporting that your toddler is requesting toys instead of hitting.

You are at a family gathering and your toddler is off playing cooperatively with his cousins instead of biting and screaming - all without you needing to hover, worry, or be on the defensive.

You're getting ready to walk out the door and your toddler is getting dressed without a fight,  making the transition seamless.

Bedtime routine - which previously took over an hour -  is down to 20 minutes, tops. Your toddler accepts and enjoys one story without asking over and over again about another book, or another trip to the bathroom.

Here is how you tackle the hitting, biting, and the meltdowns:

"Michelle really goes into detail and provides examples of situations we all deal with when raising a toddler. My husband decided to watch along and he completed the worksheets with me, it was surreal to see him so involved. The information he took from the course made me so proud to finally be on the same page together and we both knew we aren’t alone with raising our threenager. The techniques from the course are already helping us out and our daughter and our eyes are open to what not to do. I highly suggest this course to all parents! The course is very easy to follow along and you’ll be catching yourself going “ahhh” frequently! We finally feel we are a team and on the same page. The course is a life saver!"

Kelly from Florida

This is what you get when you purchase "Toddlerhood: A Declaration of Independence."

A video course with supplemental worksheets to reinforce and generalize your new skill set.

Time saved from searching "Dr. Google" or trying to get through parenting books.

Access to the private Facebook group with weekly videos of positive behavior support tools.

Meet Michelle

Michelle is a mom of two, wife, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (mfc85890) and Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She is passionate about teaching parents about evidence-based interventions, grounded in science, that make a positive impact on the parent-child relationship. 

What would your day look like when you manage the meltdowns?

Maybe You're Still Wondering If This Course Is Right For You

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! All you need to do is download the Kajabi application and sign in with your credentials.

The videos will take approximately thirty minutes to complete. It is recommended  you watch all 11 of them in one sitting, so that you get a comprehensive view of the framework.

Toddlerhood: A Declaration of Independence uniquely draws from the research literature on attachment theory, child development, and brain development, while also applying the science of behavior to address undesirable behaviors in the moment. This combination produces an individualized behavior plan for your toddler, that is grounded in science.

Please contact the team directly at [email protected] if you are unsatisfied with the course, so that we can come to a resolution that works for you.

At minimum, you will get a 30-minute video course on evidence-based interventions for toddler behavior and a 30-minute individualized consultation, for $79. Compare this with a one-hour therapy session, which can range up to $200!

Additionally, this course comes multiple supplemental handouts, such as: the values worksheet, workbook, the new skills extra practice, a one-page visual reminder, and a reference page for resources used in the presentation. You will also get lifetime access to the private Facebook group where Michelle posts weekly videos.

"It is insane how quickly it worked. I saw an immediate change (within a day). We had all turned a corner. The positive parenting was helping, tremendously. The spanking, yelling, time-outs were done. My overall mental state had improved and things were back to normal."

Kim Clawson
Los Angeles, CA

When setting limits, yelling, time-out, and reward charts haven’t worked.

"Michelle's course provided a solid background and understanding into my toddler's developing brain and WHY my toddler might be engaging in certain behavior. Then, her course helped me pinpoint and develop the skills to quickly analyze each unique situation (on the fly!) so that I can best respond and react quickly & confidently in the moment. Her program gave me the skills to understand and even anticipate potential toddler meltdowns and triggers, and how to best navigate (or even avoid all together). It's a great big-picture program with real-life examples that felt attainable and gave me the encouragement and confidence to handle frustrating meltdowns."

Katie R.
Working mom to a thriving toddler

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