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Toddlerhood: A Declaration of Independence

A Thirty Minute Video Course for Parents with Toddlers

Because There Is No One-Size-Fits-All Formula for Parenting

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The Framework

Here is what you'll take away from this course.

Learn About The ABC's of Behavior

It all begins with identifying what is occurring before, during, and after the behavior. 

Learn the "Why"

Behavior is often a form of communication. You'll learn what your toddler might be trying to communicate to you so you can make the right decision in the moment. 

Learn What You Can Do Instead

You'll get access to my parenting values worksheet to help you identify what's important to you and your family so you know exactly how to respond to your little one.

Meet Michelle

Michelle is a mom of two, wife, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (mfc85890) and Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She is passionate about teaching parents about evidence-based interventions grounded in science to make a positive impact on the parent-child relationship. 

"Michelle's course provided a solid background and understanding into my toddler's developing brain and WHY my toddler might be engaging in certain behavior. Then, her course helped me pinpoint and develop the skills to quickly analyze each unique situation (on the fly!) so that I can best respond and react quickly & confidently in the moment. Her program gave me the skills to understand and even anticipate potential toddler meltdowns and triggers, and how to best navigate (or even avoid all together). It's a great big-picture program with real-life examples that felt attainable and gave me the encouragement and confidence to handle frustrating meltdowns."

Katie R.
Working mom to a thriving toddler

Eliminate the Undesired Behavior

Buy The Course

Go at your own speed. The framework takes one to two hours to complete. 

Learn and Apply the Framework

Learn and apply the three major parts of the framework. 

Access the Private Facebook Group

Get lifetime access to the Facebook group for ongoing support applying the framework. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The videos will take approximately thirty minutes to complete. It is suggested you watch all of them together, so you get a comprehensive view of the framework. There are additional handouts such as a values worksheet, workbook, extra practice of the new skills you’ll be learning, a one-page visual reminder, and a reference page for resources used in the presentation.

What sets this course apart is not only applying what we know from the literature of attachment theory, child development, brain development, but also applying the science of behavior when addressing undesirable behaviors in the moment.

 Please contact Michelle directly about possibly getting your money back at

A parent that...

  • Would like to set a strong foundation for emotional well-being and connection with their child
  • Who appreciates evidence-based intervention
  • Who might be struggling with hitting, biting, bed time struggles, and many other common toddler behaviors
  • Would appreciate a way to get on the same page as their partner/spouse
  • Wants to respect each of their child’s individual needs

Eliminate The Frustration

Bring more joy into parenting.

Is My Mini-Course Right For You?

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