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Why You Should Join The Parent Pocket Membership

Meet The Professional, Michelle Tangeman LMFT, BCBA 

Michelle is a licensed therapist, board-certified behavior analyst.

I'm also a mom of two. Parenting is hard, it's because I know first-hand just how challenging it can be. I also know it's possible to become a happier, more confident and more positive parent. That's why I created the Pocket Parent Membership. 

My mission is to give parents evidence-based parenting tools that work, supporting a robust and healthy relationship between kids and parents.

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Why Parents Love The Pocket Parent Membership

"Bedtime struggles used to dominate our nights, leaving me exhausted and frustrated. But then we discovered Pocket Parent, a game-changer in our house. Now, our evenings are much more peaceful. The bedtime battles have vanished. What we learned in a course we purchased from someone else was great for one child but not the other. It couldn't factor in the unique needs of your second, who has been given a provisional diagnosis of autism. Michelle gave precisely what we needed and also helped our marriage in the process. It's just what we needed to get up closer to where we want to be. "

Melissa G.

"I learned so much. Michelle clearly has expect, extensive knowledge when it comes to parenting and behavior management. My oldest child has had approximately one tantrum his whole life, so I felt completely unprepared for the yelling, screaming and melting down that my middle daughter started experiencing around her 3rd birthday. I'd tried so many tips and tricks shared online by parenting 'experts,' but none of them really seemed to work or even felt realistic to try in the moment during a tantrum. After the Taming Tantrums Masterclass, I feel like I finally have a better understanding of what is causing my daughter's tantrums and how to handle them. Most importantly, I realized just how much of an impact the way I react to her tantrums impacts the behavior itself. I feel so much more confident in my ability to handle whatever my toddlers throw at me next."

Danielle G.
Manchester, NH

"I am so grateful for Michelle and her one-on-one support through her Pocket Paretnt Membership. Whenever I find myself in new territory with my toddler, and I don't know what to do, she is just a message away with wisdom and guidance. She is always quick to respond and understands what I'm going through. I love how every time I talk to her I feel like I'm talking to a friend who is compassionate and wise. I'm grateful for this support because I don't have the time to do the research myself especially when we are in the middle of a behavior or struggle that we need help with. I leave our messages with confidence to tackle and current situation and we've seen a lot of success. "

Maya S.

"We have so much hope for our lives! Michelle has a deep understanding and sensitivity to unique parenting problems. Her support has created a night and day difference for us. She was able to solve what no other professional could after one session with us. I am very very grateful for her insight and ongoing support."

Becky B.

How It Works

In Three Easy Steps

Download Voxer, a free messaging app. 

Start asking questions & get your response within 6 hours of less. 

Access The On-Demand Learning Library

As long as you are a member, you can access the on-demand online learning library that includes the:

1. ABC's of Behavior - helps you solve the most difficult challenging behaviors. 

2. Preschool Life Skills - Learn the 11 skills your toddler needs for social & emotional success. 

3. The Back Pocket Essentials  - 12 positive and proactive parenting tools to replace punishment. 

4. Exclusive Interviews With Child Development Experts 

Frequently Asked Questions

Your entire family is included in the membership. You can ask a question about all of the children. Your spouse and grandparent/nanny are also welcome to ask questions. 

There are no refunds once the payment has been processed, however, you may cancel at any time. 

Absolutely! Most families use Parent Pocket in addition to their insurance. Even with good insurance, The Parent Pocket Membership can save families hundreds in copays and fees.

Telemedicine has been added to many insurance plans over the last 2 years. However, when it comes to pediatric care, there are a lot of issues that make Pocket Parent a better option:
  • Telemedicine visits with insurance often have high copays involved, which you can avoid with a Parent Pocket membership (some telemedicine visits can cost up to $150 if you haven't hit your deductible).
  • Your insurance company's telemedicine provider may still have long waits (1-2 hours) or may not even be available 24/7. The Pocket Parent allows you to Michelle and get care, fast. 
  1. You don’t need traditional therapy but want to have the expert advice of a licensed therapist & behavior analyst. 
  2. If you find establishing healthy boundaries and setting limits challenging, the Pocket Parent Membership can provide you with multiple ideas customized to your unique circumstances.
  3. Science and evidence-based information are important to you. 
  4. Having a strong, loving, supporting connection with your child and spouse is extremely important to you. 
  5. You are concerned that your child might have developmental delays. 
  6. Perfect for parents ages 2-11 years. 
  7. Parents and children struggling with ADHD. 
  1. You are in crisis or need one-to-one individual therapy to solve your current concerns. 
  2. You are already working with a team of clinicians to support you and your child. 

*Disclaimer* Please note that while Micihelle Tangeman is a licensed therapist, purchasing and joining the Pocket Parent Membership does not establish a therapeutic relationship. The membership is not intended to be a replacement for therapy, and I will not be conducting assessments, making diagnoses, or providing treatment for a mental health condition. 

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