Toddler Life Skills

Help your child gain key life skills

Discover how to build social and behavioral skills for preschool success in this recorded workshop.


Preparing for preschool is a big change


Whether you've been home with your little one since they were born or they've attended daycare, the transition to preschool can feel overwhelming - for parents and kids alike!

We all want the best for our kids, so it's natural that we want to help them prepare for this big life change.

But what can we do to set our kiddos up for preschool success? The key is to focus on some key life skills.

A mom and toddler are playing with intention with a book

Not sure where to begin?

You're not alone. There's no manual for preparing your child for preschool - until now.

How would it change your life if you could feel confident that your little one was ready for preschool? How would it feel to teach social and behavioral life skills at home and during everyday experiences? 

Toddler Life Skills will give you the tools you need to boost your child's confidence & help them prepare for preschool success.


Hi, I'm Michelle.


I'm a mom of two, a wife, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

But despite my training and experience, when it was time for me to send my 2-year-old pandemic baby to preschool this year, I was nervous.

Was he ready? Was I ready? It was going to be a big change for both of us and I wanted to do whatever I could to set him up for success.

I created Toddler Life Skills so I could share my own experiences to help other parents navigate the preschool transition.



Get preschool ready with Toddler Life Skills.


Your purchase includes:


  • Toddler Life Skills Video Course: This 70-minute video course helps you identify the skills your child needs for preschool success and teaches you how to incorporate these skills into everyday life.


  • Downloadable Workbook: The PDF workbook helps you put your learning into action in your daily parenting life.


  • Bonus: Lifetime Access: Watch the video training as many times as you need. Experiencing a rough patch with behavior? Watch the training again as a simple behavior management refresher.
Don't waste another second worrying about whether your toddler is ready for preschool. Build the skills they need today with Toddler Life Skills.



"Evidence-based & actionable."


The training with Michelle was fantastic! I really appreciated her approach to breaking down evidence-based information in concrete ways that were actionable. Her post-it tip is brilliant and we have already initiated it and feel it's making a difference. Being able to just focus on a few key skills rather than the onslaught we all see on social media, hear from typically well-intentioned friends and daycare providers, and read about was a huge relief for us. We feel like the strategies are already helping with some sibling fighting, at least with stepping back and asking for help and comforting others. I think others could benefit from this direct approach to helping their toddlers prepare for school, and busy families could really benefit from the skilled breakdown of information and actionable steps.



Still Wondering If This Course Is Right For You?

Preschool doesn't have to be scary.

Your child can feel confident walking into preschool for the first time and you can feel confident that you've done everything you could to prepare them.

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