ABCs of Toddler Behavior

Understand the

why behind toddler behavior

And learn science-based parenting strategies to reduce challenging behavior quickly.


A different kind of toddler parenting course.

ABCs of Behavior is committed to teaching the why behind toddler behavior. Once you understand the why, implementing effective parenting strategies becomes so much easier.

A toddler’s brain is rapidly developing and "challenging behavior" is common. Still, the way you respond as a parent matters.

Unfortunately, there's no quick fix to overcome the challenges of toddlerhood. Improving behavior and thriving in toddlerhood takes consistent implementation. 

In the ABcs of Behavior, you'll learn tried-and-true strategies to reduce (and even eliminate) challenging behaviors.

A mom and toddler are playing with intention with a book

Feeling at your wit's end?

You're not alone. As frustrating as it is for you to have a child who is not listening and not behaving well, the truth is, their behavior is communicating something to you. 

How would it change your life if you could decode and respond in a way that actually improves their behavior? How would it feel to address challenging toddler behavior confidently and quickly? 

The ABCs of Toddler Behavior will boost your confidence and make parenting feel easier.


Your toddler's behavior is saying something to you...are you listening?

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your toddler is hitting their newborn sibling 
  • Your toddler is biting family members or peers
  • Your toddler is not listening to your instructions
  • Your toddler is fighting you at bedtime
  • Your toddler is struggling to transition between activities or tasks
  • Your toddler is experiencing meltdowns or tantrums regularly - and you're not sure how to respond.

What if this was possible?

  • Teachers are reporting that your toddler is requesting toys instead of hitting.

  • Your toddler is playing cooperatively in group settings instead of biting and screaming - all without you needing to hover or be on the defensive.

  • You're getting ready to walk out the door and your toddler is getting dressed without a fight, making the transition seamless.

  •  Bedtime is down to 20 minutes, tops. Your toddler accepts and enjoys one story without asking over and over again about another book, or another trip to the bathroom.

Making this shift is possible when you understand why your toddler is behaving in challenging ways and learn effective strategies to support them in this tough moments. 

Set the foundation in the toddler years with ABCs of Behavior.

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Understanding Toddlerhood

This 30-minute video course helps you understand the science behind behavior and development.

Downloadable Worksheets

PDF worksheets help you put your learning into action in your daily parenting life.

Bonus: Lifetime Access

Watch the video training as many times as you need. Experiencing a rough patch with behavior? Watch the training again as a simple behavior management refresher.

Think about the time you'll save by not reading every single parenting book out there or spending countless hours on Dr. Google. Get reliable, effective tools you can use in the toddler years and beyond.



Hi, I'm Michelle.


I'm a mom of two, a wife, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

I am passionate about teaching you evidence-based strategies grounded in science to get you feeling confident and empowered so you can raise happy, healthy, and emotionally balanced children.

Through the ABCs of Behavior, I'm sharing my best tried-and-true parenting strategies that you can use to thrive during the toddler years and beyond.



Research-based. Mom-approved.

Hear what other parents are saying about the ABCs of Behavior.

"An immediate change."

It is insane how quickly it worked. I saw an immediate change. We had all turned a corner.

Understanding what my child's behavior was communicating was helping, tremendously. The spanking, yelling, time-outs were done.   My overall mental state had improved and things were back to normal.

"Encouragement and confidence."

Michelle's course helped me pinpoint and develop the skills to quickly analyze each unique situation (on the fly!) so that I can best respond and react quickly & confidently in the moment...It's a great big-picture program with real-life examples that felt attainable and gave me the encouragement and confidence to handle frustrating meltdowns.

"We finally feel we are a team."

The techniques from the course are already helping us out and our daughter and our eyes are open to what not to do. I highly suggest this course to all parents! The course is very easy to follow along & you’ll be catching yourself going “ahhh” frequently! We finally feel we're a team & on the same page. The course is a life saver!

Still Wondering If This Course Is Right For You?

I already know you're a great parent.

I know that you are loving, caring, intentional, overwhelmed, anxious, and tired. I know how important it is to you to raise a curious, confident, resilient, kind, and happy child.

I also know that the ABCs of Behavior can help you be the parent you want to be.

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