Playing With Intention

Skyrocket your child's learning through play.

Easy-to-follow schedules and stress-free activities to help your child reach their milestones.

LET'S PLAY ($27)
A mom and toddler are playing with intention with a book

Look forward to playtime.

We moms want to do everything we can to support our little one's development.

But, let's be honest: Doing the same activities over and over again is ... well, it's boring.

(Yep, I just said that out loud.)

But holy-moly, the "fun" ideas on Instagram and Pinterest require so much time, energy, and expense, don't they?

So if you're like a lot of moms, you just keep doing what you've been doing ... which leaves you worried you're not doing enough.

I've been there too, and I'm here to help.


Playing With Intention

Get simple ideas for play-based learning—rooted in child development research—so both you and your child can thrive.


LET'S PLAY ($27)

Play builds brains.

Throughout their first few years of life, your child's brain forms more than one million neural connections every second! 

While many factors influence that development, your regular interactions with them have the most significant impact: singing, talking, responding and reading.

Playing with your child helps them:

  • Build their vocabulary and become good listeners
  • Strengthen their body and hone fine-motor skills
  • Learn to take turns and develop empathy
  • Think creatively and grow their imagination

Playing With Intention

Your purchase includes:


Play-Based Learning Basics

15-minute video lesson to help you understand the science behind play and development

Six Sets of Downloadable Play Packs

Milestones, realistic daily schedules, and activities for:

  • 0-5 months
  • 6-11 months
  • 12-17 months
  • 18-24 months
  • 2-3 years
  • 3-4 years

Bonus: Brain-Building Activities

Screen-free ideas to keep your kiddo engaged and learning when you're:

  • At the park
  • Traveling
  • Outside
  • Books

Bonus: Songs and Rhymes

Singing is such an easy way to connect with your child and support their development—at home or on the go!

Bonus: Favorite Books

Reading to your child isn't just a helpful way to build vocabulary. It's also a fun way to teach social and emotional skills.

LET'S PLAY ($27)

Feel more at ease as a parent.


When my kids were younger, I put a ton of pressure on myself to do everything—and to do it all "right."

We moms know that's impossible. But we try anyway, don't we? 

These days, I strive for good enough, not perfect. And that mindset has helped me feel so much more at ease as a parent.

I created the resources at Thriving Toddler because I want that for you, too!


Research-based. Mom-approved.

The Playing with Intention schedules and activities will:

Fit your family's values.

There’s no one right way to be a family. The guidance you receive is supportive, not judgmental.

Fit your family's schedule.

Learn how to support your child’s milestones in short bursts of purposeful interaction.

Fit your family's budget.

Instead of spending money on “educational” toys, use what you have at home to play.

Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Playing with your child is about to get so much simpler.


Download Playing With Intention.

Get everything you need for play-based learning all in one place: milestones, schedules, and activities.

Use what you learn.

You’ll love how easy it is to engage your child in meaningful play.

Have fun helping your little one grow.

Feel confident you’re doing plenty to support your child’s development.


LET'S PLAY ($27)

Get more support for your parenting journey

Get instant access to Playing With Intention and start getting more out of your play time. Get even more support when you bundle Playing With Intention with Preschool Life Skills.

Playing With Intention

Download now and get everything you need to create a brain-boosting playtime routine.

  • Play-based learning basics video training
  • Six sets of downloadable play packs
  • Brain-building screen-free activity ideas
  • Songs & rhymes to support development
  • Recommended books to support learning and development

Get instant access now for just $27!

LET'S PLAY! ($27)

Toddler Life Skills Bundle

Equip your kiddo with the behavioral and social skills they need for preschool success!  Add on the Toddler Life Skills video & workbook to Playing With Intention and save. 

  • All Playing With Intention resources
  • A guide to all essential Toddler Life Skills
  • How to naturally incorporate the skills in your everyday life.

Bundle both resources & save $10.


Playing With Intention

Download now and get everything you need to make the most of playtime.

  •  Play-based learning basics video training
  •  Six sets of downloadable play packs
  •  Brain-building screen-free activity ideas
  •  Songs & rhymes to support development
  •  Recommended books to support learning and development

Get instant access now for just $27!

LET'S PLAY ($27)