Tired of relying on a screen for a few minutes alone?

Whether you're trying to fold laundry, make dinner, get some work done or simply enjoy a hot cup of coffee in peace, it can feel nearly impossible to get a moment alone when there are toddlers around. What if there were a way to foster independent play - so you can get a minute (or 15!) alone? Get my best tips in this free guide.

Simple Tips to Foster Independent Play

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What You'll Learn In This Free Guide

The Definition of Independent Play

Before we can foster independent play, we need to understand it.

How Long We Can Expect Kids to Play Alone

We'll explore age appropriate expectations for independent play.

Age Appropriate Play Skills to Know

Understanding the key play skills kids learn at various ages & stages.

How To Get Your Kids to Play Alone (Happily)

Let's explore simple tips to teach kids how to play independently.

Hi, I'm Michelle Tangeman.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, parent educator and podcast host. As a parent myself, I know that navigating the ups and downs of parenthood isn't easy. That's why I've made it my mission to help parents like you apply evidence-based practices to everyday life, so you can create a stronger bond with your child.


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Independent play isn't just great for parents - it's an important time of learning, imagination and development for kids, too. Make independent play easier with these science-backed tips.

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