Feel like you're talking to a (very tiny) wall?

Whether you're fighting to get out the door each morning, dealing with tantrums or tired of hearing "no" to the simplest requests, we all need help getting little kids to listen. In this free guide, you'll get effective, evidence-based tips to encourage good listening & cooperation.

Eight Ways to Increase Cooperation

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What You'll Learn In This Free Guide

Why Play & Cooperation Go Hand-In-Hand

Want your toddler to be a better listener? Try making it fun!

How To Use Positive Reinforcement

Toddlers hear "no" all day long. Learn to incorporate positive attention.

Using Body Language to Support Cooperation

Get on their level, make eye contact and give prompts when needed.

Why Follow-Through Matters

Learn why this one tip may be the most impactful on cooperation.

Hi, I'm Michelle Tangeman.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, parent educator and podcast host. As a parent myself, I know that navigating the ups and downs of parenthood isn't easy. That's why I've made it my mission to help parents like you apply evidence-based practices to everyday life, so you can create a stronger bond with your child.


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Increasing cooperation isn't always easy - especially when toddlers are involved - but it is so rewarding. Get the best evidence-based tips for better listening in this free guide.

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