Conversation Starter To Help You & Your Partner Identify Your Parenting Values

Have you and your spouse sat down to talk about your parenting values and how you will raise your children? Don't worry if you haven't. Most couples don't, and often this can lead to parental stress as they respond reactively to their children. These ten questions will help start the conversation so that you can determine your family values. 


The “Must Have” Guide in Getting On The Same Page

This valuable resource will help you and your partner get on the same page when parenting your children. This is the foundational work you will complete that you can apply to the framework of my digital course. Here's what you'll learn when you sign up (it’s FREE!):

What Values Are and Are Not
How do you define a value? This freebie will give the answer to this question. 

How To Start The Conversation
These ten questions will help you and your partner get the conversation started on what your top family values are to support an emotionally healthy family. 

"Just finished your course today. Your free resource was a great launching point for my husband and I but your course really helped us dive deeper. We are even more on the same page now about parenting strategies and 2021 goals, thank you!"

Christine M.

"I just wanted to tell you that my husband and I did this values worksheet this morning and it was so helpful. Provoked great conversation and aligned us in our parenting strategy and family values. Thank you so much for providing this framework."

Hillary H.

"We struggled a lot with my son listening to instructions or directions. It ended up creating a lot of frustration and even anxiety to do something as simple as getting dressed for bed. Being able to apply my value statements paired with the strategies you suggested has been a game changer for us. "

Rachel M.
Mom of two

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