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Toddler Life Skills

Prepare your toddler for emotional and behavioral success with the Toddler Life Skills Workshop. 

What you'll get:

  • The full 70-minute training
  • Workbook
  • Two bonus resources


What People Are Saying:

The training with Michelle was fantastic! I really appreciated her approach to breaking down evidence-based information in concrete ways that were actionable. Her post-it tip is brilliant and we have already initiated it and feel it's making a difference. Being able to just focus on a few key skills rather than the onslaught we all see on social media, hear from typically well-intentioned friends and daycare providers, and read about was a huge relief for us. We feel like the strategies are already helping with some sibling fighting, at least with stepping back and asking for help and comforting others. I think others could benefit from this direct approach to helping their toddlers prepare for school, and busy families could really benefit from the skilled breakdown of information and actionable steps.

Jennifer L.

I have action items that I can work. These goals are attainable because Michelle was able to explain how to work on each individual life skill. I am now able to implement simple changes on our everyday routine to help my child prepare for preschool.


I believe I got all of the practical takeaways. Loved the practical examples that translate the research to a home environment.


This allows me to focus on one skill that it's important to our family right now and be proactive about it with some knowledge & confidence. Having this guidance is very encouraging for a parent who feels clueless.


It was informative, helpful, and provided practical action steps.


It helped me understand a realistic and tangible goal for my preschooler and I to work towards. It provided practical steps and simple changes I can make in my everyday interactions and routines with my child to help him further develop preschool skills.