Understanding Toddlerhood

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Before becoming a parent I had an idealized notion of what it would be like to navigate my parenting journey, however, the reality is that with all of the fun, loving moments of parenting, come some difficult and very trying ones. With my well intentions, I found myself inadvertently saying the wrong things to my toddler, reinforcing undesirable behaviors and causing her to escalate her tantrums instead of calming her. After attending Michelle’s workshop Toddlerhood: A Declaration of Independence, I gained a better understanding of how to: 1.) determine which specific needs my child is attempting to communicate to me, 2.) I gained some valuable skills and formulas to meet those specific needs. And most importantly, 3.) how to do this all while teaching my child acceptable replacement behaviors that are in line with my family’s values and building her emotional intelligence. I feel confident that by applying the evidence based skills and formulas offered in Michelle’s workshops, I am not only solving behavioral dilemmas in the moment but also laying a strong foundation for the many challenges we have yet to face. I look forward to expanding my parenting skills with future workshops as they are offered and I highly recommend this wonderful resource to anyone interested in gaining the skills and support to make their parenting journey an enjoyable and effective one.

Diana S.

It felt like a flip of a switch when my son turned two and I saw his first tantrum. He has always had a hard time with transitions, but I was seeing a defiance and uncontrollable emotions I did not know how to deal with. That is why I was very eager to take Michelle’s “Toddlerhood: A Declaration of Independence” Workshop and I am so glad I did! My biggest take-away was how to identify the four reasons he may be acting out so I could handle it appropriately and more importantly hopefully avoid the behavior all together. My husband and I often wondered if his tantrums were more aggressive than other toddlers, but I felt comfort in knowing Michelle’s methods are evidence based and we are not the only ones dealing with these situations. Michelle’s plan also included developing core values with your partner to make sure you are aligned in your parenting goals. I realized this is not something my husband and I have not done. We often disagree on how to handle his intense behavior so I am looking forward to this part of the process! I would highly recommend this workshop to any toddler parent!

Kayla K.

Hi Michelle! I just wanted to tell you that my husband and I did this values worksheet this morning and it was so helpful. Provoked great conversation and aligned us in our parenting strategy and family values. Thank you so much for providing this framework!!

Hillary W.

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